Markk Interview
Had Mrs D upload this mp3 that GoTheNaki recorded to our website so you can hear it.
Cool to hear that they want to fight Parker - for the right price.
One Million or Bust!
Nice work Die, will check this out later.
Junior wouldn't have made a lot of money so far why shouldn't they stick to their guns on money now Parker needs the fight. Presuming Junior can't pull it off he won't have a heap of options so he deserves to make his money here.
Say what you want about Junior's inconsistencies etc but there's no denying he's the nicest kid you could hope to meet and a genuine family man
Good interview, markk. You're in the drivers seat, it sounds like. Tell Mr Higgins, give me a million bucks (or more) and the fight is on. If not, go fight some cruiser weight and leave us alone.
I don't see this as a massive fight. Parker would be the heavy favourite, and Jnr doesn't have anywhere near the same exposure as Shane Cameron had. Also Tua and Cameron also did a great job of hyping the fight (remember Tua and the mountain goat?)

I'd watch it for $30.00, but knowing Duco it'll be $60.00

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