Wilder/Ortiz on SKY this Sunday
Yep, it's on SKY PPV for $35 from 2-7PM this Sunday (NZ time).  Huge undercard, 5 hours of bouts.
MGM Grand, Las Vegas, Nevada, USA

heavy Deontay Wilder 41 0 1
Luis Ortiz 31 1 0
pro boxing
World Boxing Council World Heavy Title

bantam Luis Nery 30 0 0
Emmanuel Rodriguez 19 1 0
pro boxing
World Boxing Council Silver Bantam Title

super bantam Brandon Figueroa 20 0 0
Julio Ceja 32 4 0
pro boxing
World Boxing Association World Super Bantam Title

super feather Leo Santa Cruz 36 1 1
Miguel Flores 24 2 0
pro boxing
World Boxing Association Super World Super Feather Title

super feather Leduan Barthelemy 15 0 1
Eduardo Ramirez 22 2 3
pro boxing

super feather Viktor Slavinskyi 10 0 1
Rigoberto Hermosillo 11 1 1
pro boxing

light Arnold Alejandro 11 0 0
Jhon Gemino 20 12 1
pro boxing

feather Angel Alejandro 7 0 0
Francisco Javier Rodriguez 5 1 0
pro boxing

super light Omar Juarez 5 0 0
Kevin Shacks 3 4 3
pro boxing

super feather Jose Manuel Gomez 11 0 0
Daniel Placeres 8 2 1
pro boxing

cruiser Marsellos Wilder 5 1 0
Dustin Long 2 1 2
pro boxing
Wilder a 6:1 favorite over Ortiz

WBC heavyweight champion Deontay Wilder is a solid 6:1 favorite to defend his title against Luis Ortiz on Saturday night in Las Vegas. Wilder previously stopped Ortiz in March 2018, but had to get through some hairy moments to get that win. Wilder is defending his WBC crown for the tenth time.

Below are the current odds for Wilder-Ortiz and all the other world title bouts this weekend:

Deontay Wilder -650 vs. Luis Ortiz +475
(WBC heavyweight title)

Leo Santa Cruz -5000 vs. Miguel Flores +2500
(WBA super featherweight “super” title)

Brandon Figueroa -380 vs. Julio Ceja +315
(WBA super bantamweight title)

Callum Smith -2500 vs. John Ryder +1400
(WBA super middleweight title)

Andrew Cancio -1200 vs. Rene Alvarado +600
(WBA super featherweight title)

Xu Can -270 vs. Manny Robles III +190
(WBA featherweight title)
Wilder-Ortiz Final Press Conference

WBC heavyweight champion Deontay “The Bronze Bomber” Wilder and challenger Luis “King Kong” Ortiz went face to face at the final press conference Thursday before their PPV rematch on Saturday at the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas.

Deontay Wilder
“I’m the best in the world and I say it with confidence. With that being said, I have to give the fans what they’re hungry for. That’s exciting fights. The heavyweight division was in a dark place, but now it’s on fire and I must keep it going.

“Luis Ortiz is one of the best in the world and one of the most dangerous men in boxing. No one in the top 10 has given him an opportunity. They say he’s old, but if that’s the truth, then one of them should get in there with him.

“When I look at the landscape of the heavyweight division, this man still wasn’t getting an opportunity. It was an amazing fight the first time and I’m going to make adjustments this time. That’s what it’s all about. I will be at my best Saturday night.

“I’d rather go through difficulty in the ring than go through my whole career being perfect. What kind of legacy would I have? I want to give you something to remember me by.

“Luis Ortiz looks good, but I don’t think it’s going to matter against a fighter like me. I’m in shape 365 days a year. I come to camp in shape. The first day of camp, we were sparring. It’s always good to see my opponents in shape and prepared properly for a war. That’s all I can ask. Because they know what they’re in for when they go against me.

“This is a great card with great champions and fighters up here. What more could you ask for? Nothing more needs to be said. Now it’s time for action. I’m looking forward to giving everyone the best of me.

“We train very hard to be prepared and go to war. You already know what to expect. The hard part is the waiting. This is what it’s all about. I can’t wait for Saturday night. My opponent has to be perfect for 12 rounds, and I only have to be perfect for one second.”

Luis Ortiz:
“I don’t like to lose. There were legitimate circumstances why I wasn’t at my best the first fight. It was a fatigue stoppage. I believe if I had continued, I would have gotten the knockout. It was only fatigue, but I’ve corrected that this time around, so the better man will win.”

“We will show you on Saturday night how we’re going to win. When the bell rings it will be on display. But we’re always ready to adapt. Everyone will see on Saturday night.

“This will be the second world war between us. I’ve had 500 fights including my amateur fights. At heavyweight, everyone has power. Sometimes it feels like a horse is kicking you. Wilder has a lot of strength, but I’m going to show what I know and what I can do.

“Like I said before, and Deontay said too, this is not going 12 rounds. One of us is getting knocked out. I wish there were no bells between rounds so we could just keep going.

“This isn’t just Deontay fighting any other opponent. Obviously Deontay had his reasons for taking this fight. But on Saturday, I’m going to show why that was a mistake. I’m going to be the new heavyweight champion of the world.

“This is the holy grail, to be taking on the true heavyweight champion of the world. I want to be considered one of the greatest fighters ever from Cuba. I am very thankful to the trainers who I had as a child who taught me the sport.

“I definitely want to thank Deontay, and my whole team, for getting me this opportunity for a rematch. This is what life is all about. This is not going to be my last opportunity. I’m here to fight and that’s what you’ll see on Saturday night.”

Thursday’s press conference also featured three-division champion Leo “El Terremoto” Santa Cruz and Miguel Flores as they previewed their showdown for the vacant WBA super featherweight title that serves as the co-main event.

Leo Santa Cruz
“I think I’ll still throw a lot of punches at the new weight. I always train the same no matter what. My dad says that I need to be working for the whole three minutes of each round.

“The only thing that is different for this fight is that we’re working on our power. We’re working on sitting down on our punches because we know the fighters in this division are bigger and stronger.

“My strength and conditioning coach has been having me do more weights than usual and I’m sparring with bigger guys than usual. The ones I’ve sparred before say that I’m hitting even hard than in the past.

“To all the fans, I’m really happy and excited to put on another great show for you. Miguel and I are going to give a great show for the fans and try to steal the show. It will be hard with this main event, but we’re going to try our best to make it the fight of the night.

“Once the fans see how great the fight is, they’re going to see how amazing a fighter Miguel Flores is. We know what he’s capable of and that’s why I trained so hard to get this win.

“To become a four-division world champion would be a huge accomplishment for me. I never dreamed of winning titles in four divisions. Not many fighters can say that and I’m happy and excited to get in the ring Saturday and make this new dream come true.

“I love fighting for Mexico and I think they’re going to be proud of my performance Saturday night. I fight for them and I hope they keep supporting me as my career goes on.”

Miguel Flores
“Leo is a great champion but we’ve worked hard. In boxing people see the hands fly, but I’ve got ring knowledge. We’re going to offset what he does and get the victory Saturday night.

“There’s not much left to be said. We’re ready. Leo is a great fighter and I respect his family. But when we step in that ring. I’m trying to be like Wilder and knock him out. Leo and I are definitely going to steal the show with an action-packed fight.

“I’m feeling great. We’ve had about a year of camps where Leo was the main focus on the radar. We’re calm, relaxed and ready to let it all go Saturday night. I know it’s going to be a tough fight, but we had a great camp to put on an exciting match.

“There’s going to be a little bit of everything. When you have two Mexican fighters, you just can’t help it. When you take a shot, you want to get it back. But I also know we have to remain smart and calm.

“I know his dad tells him to try to box so we know we have to be ready for that too. If he wants to box we’re ready for a technical fight. But if he wants to brawl, I’m ready to start hooking.

“Everything is going to work for me in there. You want to work and not get hit, but I know that I can take it and give it. On Saturday night, we’re going to give it.

“We have worked a lot on trying to slow down the pace of fighters who throw a lot of punches. I’ve been a volume puncher all my life as well. We’re both warriors and people are underestimating me. I love it because I’m going to give them a surprise on Saturday night.”
Just bought this fight. First one was a cracker, hopefully the 2nd is just as good although I see Wilder winning more comfortably this time.
(11-22-2019, 03:21 PM)African Monkey Wrote: Just bought this fight. First one was a cracker, hopefully the 2nd is just as good although I see Wilder winning more comfortably this time.

I bought it too. Yeah, Ortiz almost had him outta there in the, what, 7th round or so. I also see Wilder winning easier this time around. Lots of good fights on the undercard if you like the lower weight classes.
(11-22-2019, 04:46 PM)diehard Wrote:
(11-22-2019, 03:21 PM)African Monkey Wrote: Just bought this fight. First one was a cracker, hopefully the 2nd is just as good although I see Wilder winning more comfortably this time.

I bought it too.  Yeah, Ortiz almost had him outta there in the, what, 7th round or so.  I also see Wilder winning easier this time around.  Lots of good fights on the undercard if you like the lower weight classes.

I'm into any boxing to tell you the truth. I'd be suprised if any on the main undercard fights were competitive. Nery v Rodriguez could be interesting. Hopefully the Inoue KO hasn't dented Rodriguez's comfidence too much. Santa Cruz given a ridiculously soft touch for his first fight at Super featherweight.
I prefer the heavy's, but like certain lower weight class fighters. I want to see if Callum Smith is the real deal, but fighting Ryder, it looks like a beat down. Always liked Santa Cruz.
Ortiz outweighs Wilder by 17 pounds

Deontay Wilder 219.5 vs. Luis Ortiz 236.5
(WBC heavyweight title)

Leo Santa Cruz 129.5 vs. Miguel Flores 130
(WBA super featherweight “super” title)

Brandon Figueroa 122 vs. Julio Ceja 126
(WBA super bantamweight title)
Ceja FOUR POUNDS heavy

Luis Nery 119 vs. Manny Rodriguez 118
(WBC bantamweight silver title)
Nery has two hours to lose one pound.

Venue: MGM Grand, Las Vegas
Promoter: TGB Promotions
Great weight for Ortiz. Shows he's been training hard. Last time out, he gassed when he couldn't get the KO and got KO'D himself.

I guess at the bottom when it says PPV, that that's the fights were getting. Although it's only 4 fights in 5 hours. Seems a little bit light. With Eddie Hearn and Matchroom, he has about 10 fights or so in 5 hours.

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