AJ/Ruiz II in Saudi Arabia
Joke. Money talks but selling out to one of the worst human rights offenders in the world is not on.
(08-10-2019, 04:34 PM)tm7 Wrote: Joke. Money talks but selling out to one of the worst human rights offenders in the world is not on.

Exactly. A disgrace. What happened to Ruiz fighting in Mexico City for his countrymen? Not enough money???
Of course its all about the $$
Mexico was never on the table
Cardiff or Wembly - but would look like AJ taking the easy route
Saudi has had some fights lately and has the financial backing and also looks like AJ is being the bigger man giving Ruiz neutral territory.
AJ trains alot in Dubai apparently it helps him prepare without being pestered by bothersome drug testing...
AJ/Ruiz/Hearn won't make enough money as it is? I see this fight as a $100 million dollar fight. With Ruiz getting half.

Why was Mexico off the table? Ruiz could have said Mexico or no rematch. He's the champ. The fight would have gotten huge attendance in Mexico City. AJ had a lot to lose if there was no rematch.

A lot of people will be turned off having the fight in Saudi Arabia. Didn't the WWE pull out a while back?
because Ruiz signed a contract before first fight... AJ and Hearn still in driving seat - Ruiz knew this before the fight as was happy to sign.
Its why Dillian said he would not sign.
Ruiz got $6M for fight 1 and will pocket $9M for rematch, AJ is earning min $40M to fight rematch- may sound unfair but Ruiz signed and still a healthy $15M he would not have pocketed fighting 2nd tier fighters...
All Ruiz needs to do now is win... then he is in the driving seat to earn a huge payday to unify v Wilder .
Its going to be fun and games people
Did Ruiz commit to a destination for the rematch? Not according to Ruiz, who was initially holding out for the US or Mexico. But thanks for the numbers and info! Sounded like Ruiz did well. I remember some of Klit's opponents getting less than a million to fight him. 6 Million is good coin for a late stand in.
yeah heard that about the Klits
I suppose AJ needed a dance partner after Miller debacle so had that not happened he may have only got $3M (ballpark). I would think Ruiz was fighting for bird feed in comparison before hand. I hope he is good with his $$ and sets himself up.
I also have feeling Ruiz may be getting a little cocky ( just my opinion from his latest interviews) I hope he doesn't plan to diet and look better for the rematch - he needs to improve as well as AJ to stay a step ahead
It's funny how saudi is one of the worst human rights offenders yet they don't pay income tax
AJ/Ruiz getting cash in brown paper bags?

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