Pernell Whittaker
How can we call this a boxing forum when nobody has mentioned the death of one of the greatest boxers to ever step in the ring? an outstanding defensive boxer and tremendous counter puncher.
His record is deceiving, he was robbed against Jose Luiz Ramirez, given a draw against Julio Ceser chavez (he boxed circles around Chavez) and controversially lost a decision to Oscar De La Hoya.
Fights Id recommend
Azumah Nelson
James McGirt
Julio Ceser Chavez
Oscar De La Hoya
anyway sad to see him go so young but theres plenty of footage left behind to admire his genius and trendsetting ringcraft
Too true. Couldn't decide whether to give it it's own thread or put it in yesteryear's boxers/fights. You solved it for me. Yep, he was an all time great. He was pre Mayweather in defensive skills.
Nice pic of Sweet Pea:
Sad, very sad. Hopefully there is nothing sinister in this.
Was an amazing boxer who mastered the art of hit but don't get hit.
If you google his name there are some really nice obituaries on him.
Pernell Whitaker - The Defensive Master
Pernell Whitaker v James McGirt on 61 (ESPN II) tonight at 9pm for those in NZ

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