Israel Adesanya
Figure it's about time Israel had his own thread.  Hope it's on Sky Pop Up this weekend.
Could a moderater please take this thread down, this is meant to be a boxing forum :-)
Well, Craig, I AM the moderator, and the owner of the website.  AND, I put it up there.  I thought, "craig hates looking at the nz pro boxers website and see Israel's fights, so I thought I'd do a separate thread so you wouldn't get upset.  Oh well, best advice is, don't go to this thread.  There are several threads that have nothing to do with boxing.  There was one that even said Merry Christmas.
I first saw Israel fight in the Super 8 competition, so he's kind of a boxer Smile
Yes, and he fought Minto then. Definitely a boxer. Also a dancer.
Here's a live round by round for those, like me, who didn't spring for the $35.  Adesanya should start around 3:30.
UFC 236: Israel Adesanya wins UFC interim belt
Mat Kermeen

Israel Adesanya has beaten Kelvin Gastelum by unanimous decision to lift the UFC middleweight interim belt in a fight of the year contender.

The victory sets up a dream trans-Tasman clash with reigning middleweight champion Robert Whittaker.

The 29-year-old was on the brink of stopping Gastelum in the final seconds of the fight in the co-main event of UFC 236 at State Farm Arena in Atlanta.

Adesanya becomes the first New Zealand based fighter to win a UFC belt.

Born in Nigeria, 'The Last Stylebender' moved to New Zealand when he was 13 and his entire fighting career has been based out of his adopted country.

"I was willing to give it all and leave it all in there.

"I'm the champion, let's go," Adesanya said immediately after the fight.

Whittaker was born in New Zealand but moved to Australia as a young child.

Whittaker pulled out of a fight against Gastelum on the eve of UFC 234 in Melbourne back in February due to a "freak" abdominal injury which could have proved fatal had he fought.

Because he has been sidelined with the injury, the fight between Adesanya and Gastelum was made for the interim title with Adesanya likely to face Whittaker next.
Very impressive

This guy is making an MMA fan out of me!

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