Joshua vs Parker betting
Awesome will be great to see some fireworks. I think this could go very badly for Parker if he doesn't box smart
David Higgins: Is Anthony Joshua the next British sporting choker?

Team Parker believe there is more hype than reality around British boxing superstar Anthony Joshua.

Joseph Parker's promoter has further fuelled the fires, questioning whether Anthony Joshua is set to be the next in the long line of British sporting chokers.

David Higgins is in London looking to make the final steps with Joshua's boss Eddie Hearn for a huge world heavyweight unification fight. Talks are progressing well with an announcement appearing a formality now.

As is often his way, Higgins is also keen to stir the pot and in a lengthy interview with Behind The Gloves he looked to touch a nerve with the British public and Joshua's fan base.

Joseph Parker's promoter David Higgins is never shy to speak his mind and he's continued that in London with some provocative comments about Anthony Joshua and British sport.

"In England, with the greatest respect, a lot of your sporting teams will choke at the highest level," Higgins said.

* Promoters in mammoth London meeting

"Your football team get up towards the World Cup final and but not make the final ... choke ... rugby, cricket ... you have invented a lot of sports like boxing.

"So we wonder whether Joshua at unification level will be found out?"

Higgins was quickly asked to explain his theory and didn't bat an eyelid.

"There is so much media here and hype can build around star teams and star individuals. If they start to believe their own hupe they can go into critical occasions under-estimating the opposition perhaps and over-estimating themselves and that pride comes before a fall.

"It will be interesting to see if that is the case here.

"We have a hypothesis that Anthony Joshua is like the [England] football team, built up and hyped up but never steps up when it gets to the very top level. We think a Joseph Parker unification might be a step too far."

Higgins, who admitted he enjoyed switching between being a serious businessman and employing train wreck tactics, felt his organisation at Duco Boxing had cleverly got the fight to the edge of reality with their unorthodox approach of flushing out Joshua and Hearn, constantly questioning the hype and performances of the big Brit.

Higgins said they hadn't trash-talked Joshua, merely presented a fact-based argument around his suspect chin. In a clever campaign orchestrated with communications boss Craig Stanaway, trainer Kevin Barry and Parker himself, Higgins felt they had clearly got to Joshua and were putting doubts in his mind.

"We reckon we have got under Joshua's skin. Would you rather be called a bitch or let it be known that you have been flattened six times? You know, the truth hurts," Higgins told Behind The Gloves

"We reckon Joseph Parker has got the mental edge against Anthony Joshua, he has won round one, the mental battle. So when Anthony Joshua is in the ring facing Joseph Parker, there's a little voice in Joshua's head, saying 'I've been knocked down, Parker has never been knocked down, what if I can't knock him down?' There's a doubt, a creeping doubt in Joshua's mind ... a little voice in his head.

"Everything we have put out there was fact-based. Joshua has been flattened six times at least and no one really talks about it. The hype has got to a point where fans think Anthony Joshua is this impenetrable force."

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Cocaine is a helluva drug
Now, now Infern0, be nice. Mr Higgins just wants to play with the big boyz. He deserves it, all but sealing the deal with Hearns.
Higgins is doing fantastic
(01-13-2018, 04:36 PM)diehard Wrote:

Norton "cruelly" labled parker...

All this talk about glass chin, stiff robot, overrated.

Dont cry when you get it given back
The Pie man vs the PED man. Has a ring to it
...and this rejoiner:

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