AJ vs Takam
I watched the replay. AJ missed his last two punches before the stoppage. One hit the shoulder, the other grazed his head and gloves. Poor stoppage. Interestingly, no mention of Parker by AJ or Hearn in 2018.
OCTOBER 28, 2017
Joshua stops Takam in ten to retain titles

WBA and IBF heavyweight champion Anthony Joshua (20-0, 20 KOs) scored a tenth round TKO over IBF #3 Takam (35-4-1, 27 KOs) on Saturday night in front of 80,000 at Principality Stadium in Cardiff, Wales. A second round headclash broke Joshua’s nose in round two. Joshua cut Takam over the right eye with a punch in round four, then dropped him later in the round with a left hook. Joshua continued to bust Takam up. Takam constantly rubbed away blood from cuts over both eyes. Referee Phil “Quick Stop” Edwards suddenly stepped in and waved it off in round ten. Takam very upset by the stoppage.
“It was a good fight until the ref stopped it,” said Joshua afterward. “I have no interest for what’s going on with the officials. My job is the opponent. I don’t have control over the ref’s decision.”
You'd be gutted if you took the $8.50 on offer for Takam to go the distance .
Got stopped when he wasnt even hurt
Stink stoppage but Aj clearly was winning the fight. Takam is a tough bugger did better than I thought but AJ wins a lot of fights with dominating stoppages. The refs work on pictures and Takam was clarely loosing in the exchanges. Wilder could be to early for AJ at this point.
I knew the casual hype that Takam would get blasted out in a few rounds wouldnt happen .

Takam did well to hang there , taking it to the late rounds and try to gas AJ was always gonna be his plan

Will be a good learning experience for AJ fighting someone of Takams level
who doesnt just cave in when you hit him a few times
Joshua (same as parker actually) needs to lean down a bit, i noticed from the first round he was pushing his shots a bit, too much bulk at 115kg. The nose didnt help matters either but still he won every round, had takam touch down, and rocked him a few times and busted him up so im not going to pick too many holes in the performance.
I thought AJ was very good against a very tough opponent. He won every round, and took Takam's shots well. For the most part, he controlled the range. Not sure what you mean about leaning down, Infern0. AJ fights tall, and that's to his benefit. Takam had trouble getting inside him except a couple of times in the later rounds. Parker "always" leans down, and also lunges. An uppercut's gonna see him wake up into next week.
Lean Down =lose weight
Lean Up=Gain Weight?

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