Horn vs Pacman on SKY Sunday
Horn beats Pacquiao – Round by Round

Eugene Carnachan - July 2, 2017 42 Comments

Suncorp Stadium Brisbane. PACQUAIO V HORN

Stadium is packed. Fight co-promoted by Bob Arum and Duco. Around 50,000 spectators in to watch what is being mooted as the biggest fight card in Australia’s history.

Buffer calls the fight credentials in the way he is famed for.

Jeff Horn (17-0-1) looks good to go, Manny Pacquaio (59-7-2) calm. Both men in great nick. Stare down casual. No daggers. Bell rings for round 1, it’s on.

Round 1:

Horn busy start, intent loaded punches coming down the chute. He’s turned up to go! Horn the much bigger man hydrated. Looks to be around 160 pound? Not a situation unusual to Pac but he is definitively shorter and lighter. Horn really busy, out-hustling and landing Pac. Lands a nice right hand down the chute. Horn bulling forward, he best be careful. He could wear one coming in.

Horn busier, landed the more telling punches.

Horn round: 10-9.

Round 2:

Horn looks more measured this round. Not the buzz saw style of the first…yet. Lands a nice right hand. Pac lands a nice shot to the midriff, left hand upstairs. Manny starting to work his way into the round, the fight. Hectic pace. Work at the end of the round locks it up for Pacquaio but Horn does not look to be overawed by being the hometown guy in a mega-event. Another day at the office for Pac

Pacquiao round. 10-9.

Round 3:

Horn height a problem for Pac? At times he looks awkward, flailing. Horn goes for a 1-2 down the middle. Pac smiles it off. Horn bulling forward. Big left hook landed. Pacquaio looks to be hunting for the overhand left down the shoot. Throws it, comes up short. Horn winning the exchanges through volume. Horn leans on Manny, nullifies him. Left hand on the chin stuns Horn. Horn backing up.

Horn round: 10-9

Round 4:

Horn lands a big left hand. Pac smiles. Manny lands a left down the chute. Manny down, a push. Say it again, Horn bull rushing in dangerous against a counter puncher like Pac. Both men land big shots, both wear them. They go looking again. The frantic pace has shortened up but Horn definitely got an edge in the busy stakes. Pac simply hasn’t found his groove. Horn lands an uppercut. Horn misses with a loaded right hand. Both men swinging, nothing lands.

Horn the aggressor.

Horn round: 10 – 9

Round 5:

Horn bullying forward. Great body shot landed by Horn, Manny claps. Manny trying to do a psyche job on Horn?? Not working to this point, Horn keeps working. Horn back to busy. Manny hasn’t found a tempo to box to. Horn’s height, rushing, smother style contributing to that. Horn not showing the great man any respect as he walks him down and nor should he. Pac wild with the left hand, air swing. It’s turned into a bar room brawl, both men swinging from the cheap seats. Horn cracked by a left hand just before the Bell. Tough round to score.


Round 6.:

At this pace conditioning is going to be a factor down the stretch. Horn pushes Pac against the ropes and bullies him, digging to the body, upstairs. Manny getting outworked. Accidental head butt. Cut high on Pac’s hairline, won’t effect his vision. Horn back to coming forward lording over Pac. Horn lands a great right hand that shakes Pac. Pac slaps his gloves together. Commentators are talking about Pac getting stopped – PREMATURE – and wrong. He hasn’t taken an accumulation of shots to warrant that call .

Horn round: 10 -9

Round 7:

Pac cracks Horn with a great left hand down the middle. He needs a load more of those. Are we watching Manny turn 38 years of age in front of us? He is simply getting outworked, hustled by a busier guy – usually his boxing gig. Even round to this point. Manny loads up a hail Mary of a left, misses. Right hand landed by Horn, Horn leaning on Pac. Crowd booing – idiots. Horn back to bullying forward, laying down some heavy artillery.

Horn round. Busier.

Horn: 10 – 9

Round 8:

Manny looking to engage, but isn’t. They get tied up. Manny fires a left hand down the chute. Manny still looking for the left hand. Pac simply not landing enough. Horn down, a butt of heads, not a punch. Horn up, he’s fine. Horn a tad more cautious then the prior rounds. Horn hurt by an overhand left. He wobbled backwards! Not sure Manny knows he shook him up so bad. Horns legs are not there.

Big Pac round!

Pacquiao: 10- 9

Round 9:

Pac going Hornet hunting! Pac had him badly hurt in round 8, has he recovered? Pac lands a right hand, Horn wears it. Pac coming forward. Pac now getting off first. Pac coming on. Looks to be in a groove! Horn looks shot. Horn getting clubbed by a swarming Pac, trying to weather a hell of a Pac storm. Pack is coming home. Horn on wobble street, Pac head hunting. Pac taps him again. Horn nearly went, did well to see the round out.

Huge Pac round.

Pac round: 10- 8.

Round 10:

Ref is asking Horn if he wants to continue in the round 9-10 break, Corner says he’s good to go, and out he goes. Horn has acquitted himself well but he’s going to do well to see this fight out. Horn lands straight right. Horn trying to push forward. Horn looks to have his wherewithal back. Pac lands a left hand. Pac hasn’t landed clean. Horn lands a good right hands. Doesn’t move Pac. Pac trying to come on late.

Tough round to score, Pac coming forward.

Pac round: 10-9

Round 11:

Crowd is immense when the cameras pan out. Incredible turnout Brisbane, Australia. Left hand down the chute lands for Pac. Horn pushes Pac against the ropes and works with shoe shine punches. Pac lands a good left hand, Horn replies with a beautiful jab. Venom seems to have gone from Pac, and as I write that he lands a huge body shot to Horns midriff. Pac the aggressor.

Pac round: 10 – 9.

Round 12:

This fight is close going into the championship round. Horn bulling forward, rough housing, elbows, punches. pushing his head up under Manny’s chin. He’s doing what he has to to hear the bell ring at the end of 12. Big right hand by Horn, doesn’t move Pac. Tape comes off Horns gloves. His coach cuts off the excess. He’s straight back to front foot fighting. Sheesh he has done well to weather the earlier storm and be coming on like a solider in the penultimate round! Both men are digging deep. Reaching to the bottom of the well. Neither backing up. They’re swinging in a bar room brawl right down to the bell. Could go either way depending on how the judges adjudged the close rounds!

What a fight, what a last round!


Decision in! Horn by unanimous decision! His corner goes crazy! As they should! What a scrap!

BRISBANE, Australia – Bob Arum appeared calm and collected as he sat on the dais between Queensland Tourism and Education Minister Kate Jones and Lord Mayor Graham Quark in a large room on the fifth floor of Suncorp Stadium.

While social media and sports commentators on ESPN — which televised the fight in primetime on Saturday in the U.S. — shouted robbery after Jeff Horn won a unanimous decision over Manny Pacquiao to lift the WBO welterweight title, Arum called for restraint.

Five years ago, when Tim Bradley Jr was awarded a split-decision winner over Pacquiao, Arum went off in the media center, calling the judging “outrageous.”

This time around, Arum kept an open mind about the scoring, explaining a win for either fighter could be reasoned.

“I thought it was a close fight, it could’ve gone either way,” said Arum, who will co-promote Horn’s future fights alongside New Zealand’s Duco Events. “There’s an argument for the fight being 7-5 Manny — 11th round was sort of close. I thought Manny gave away early rounds.

“Could it have been 7-5 for Manny? Yeah. But you can’t argue with the result.”

Few thought Horn, an Olympian and local prospect who rose to the number two ranking with the WBO, would last the 12-round distance, let alone be in the discussion for a win against Pacquiao. But at 38, the Filipino senator looked his age against the physically aggressive Horn, a 29-year-old. The Brisbane native used a fast start and a strong finish to create the right impression in the judges’ eyes, a verdict which Pacquiao did not vocally dispute.

Arum pointed to Pacquiao’s slow start for the reason he was on the wrong side of two scorecards which read 115-113 and one that gave it 117-111 for Horn (17-0-1, 11 knockouts).

“I think you cannot spend so much time as a senator and expect to be a world-class fighter,” said Arum, who has promoted Pacquiao since the mid-2000s. Arum adds that there is a provision for a rematch, but says it’s contractually obligated to happen in Brisbane. Still, he says Horn could one day make the trip across the Pacific to fight in Las Vegas and Madison Square Garden.

“He was quick when he put the combinations together but I felt like controlling the gap, that distance, made it a lot easier to see his punches coming,” said Horn, who was nursing a cut on his right eye at the press conference. “I could easily step back and dodge a few of them and counter with my own. On that aspect, just the size difference of both of us, it was a big advantage.”

Pacquiao (59-7-2, 38 KOs) didn’t show up to the post-fight press conference, the first time he didn’t appear to speak with media since his 2012 knockout loss to Juan Manuel Marquez. Instead, “Pacman” was getting stitched up from two cuts on his scalp he received in the sixth and seventh rounds due to head clashes (9 on the right side, 8 needed to close the laceration on the left).

Pacquiao’s trainer, Freddie Roach, said he would discuss the possibility of retirement with Pacquiao in light of the loss, but says he’s on the fence about whether the 22-year ring veteran should hang them up.

“I’m gonna have a long talk with him about that. Because I think maybe being a senator, being a fighter, both is maybe too much,” said Roach.

“I’m gonna give him my feelings on this because I’m a little bit in the middle because he didn’t fight badly, he did well in some of the rounds. He just wasn’t consistent enough for what I want.”

Roach stopped short of calling the verdict, which was widely panned on social media and among boxing observers, a robbery, but said he finds it hard to score fights he’s involved with.

“I thought it was a pretty close fight, I thought Manny had a really good round in the ninth, I thought it was maybe a two-point round and I just told Manny give me one more of them and the fight’s over, it’s done,” the Hall of Fame trainer said. “He just couldn’t do it. We lost the decision.

“I hear there’s a lot of people who think it’s controversial and Manny won and so forth, it went the other way and we have to live with that. Will we have a rematch? Maybe — I hope so.”

Pacquiao’s conditioning coach, Justin Fortune, said they had a “bad referee” and “crappy judges” but also laments that Pacquiao didn’t take the fight out of the judges’ hands.

“That’s boxing,” Fortune said. “You get given a gift sometimes, you get screwed sometimes, but when you come to someone’s house, you’re supposed to mess them up, make a statement and then never leave it in the judge’s hands.

The loss was Pacquiao’s first since his 2015 defeat to Floyd Mayweather Jr. Pacquiao is set to leave Australia on Monday morning to fly back to the Philippines, where he’ll have much to contemplate.
Great shot!

So Horn was the busier fighter but Manny landed twice as many punches?  Don't think so.

Judge Waleska Roldan had it 117-111 (9-3 in rounds), judges Chris Flores and Ramon Cerdan had it 115-113 (7-5 in rounds).

Punch Stats
Total Punches Landed: Pacquiao 182 (32%), Horn 92 (15%)
Jabs Landed: Pacquiao 59 (31%), Horn 19 (10%)
Power Punches Landed: Pacquiao 123 (32%), Horn 73 (17%)

There is a rematch clause that Pacquiao indicated he would enforce.
rewatching this without Audio it was damn close, Horn reminds a little of Carl Froch awkward and tough. He was in some bloody deep water at the end of the 9th and showed tremendous heart to stay on his feet and get back into the fight.
I kept waiting for Manny to time Horn when he skept moving in but Manny wasnt able to pull the trigger and get him out of there

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