GGG vs Canelo
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Gennady Golovkin Teleconference Quick Quotes

By Robert Hough

Gennady “GGG” Golovkin joined trainer Abel Sanchez and promoter Tom Loeffler on Wednesday for a 40-minute teleconference to discuss the September 16 middleweight fight with Saul “Canelo” Alvarez.

Promoter Tom Loeffler: “I think the winner’s really going to be considered the best fighter in the sport of boxing.”

Trainer Abel Sanchez: “(Gennady) has been a little frustrated the last couple years that he hasn’t had that marquee fight. This is it.”

Gennady Golovkin: “For me this fight is a history fight. Canelo, he’s a very special guy and I’m champion.”

Loeffler: “These are by far the closest odds for any fight Gennady has had.”

Golovkin: “If you respect boxing, watch my fight.”
I'm going for Triple GGG, I think it actually benefits him that Jacobs took him the distance in that last fight whereas Canelo's last few fights have been very one sided affairs - he more or less fought a walking punching bag in his last outing v Chavez Jr. Whatever the outcome it should be epic, I have been hanging out for this one for a while.
GGG-Canelo is screening live on Sky Arena channel 65 for $34.95 from midday Sunday 17 September.
middleweight Gennady Golovkin 37 0 0 S Saul Alvarez 49 1 1

IBF World Middleweight Title
International Boxing Organization World Middleweight Title
WBA Super World Middleweight Title
WBC World Middleweight Title
super bantamweight Randy Caballero 24 0 0 S Diego De La Hoya 19 0 0

NABF Super Bantamweight Title
featherweight Joseph Diaz 24 0 0 S Jorge Lara 29 0 2

lightweight Ryan Martin 19 0 0 S Francisco Rojo 20 2 0

vacant WBA Inter-Continental Lightweight Title
WBC Continental Americas Lightweight Title
super flyweight Nicola Adams 2 0 0 S Alexandra Vlajk 11 6 0

super lightweight Vergil Ortiz 6 0 0 S Cesar Valenzuela 7 1 0

flyweight Marlen Esparza 2 0 0 S Tania Cosme 5 6 1

welterweight Serhii Bohachuk 4 0 0 S TBA
Canelo vs. Golovkin Has Boxing's Future Riding On It

By Andreas Hale

The “real” fight is upon us. And, in some ways, boxing’s future is at stake.
Not to say that Floyd Mayweather vs. Conor McGregor wasn’t real, but it was more like NBA All Star Weekend festivities, whereas the September 16th showdown between Canelo Alvarez and Gennady Golovkin can be likened to the NBA Finals.
But the question isn’t necessarily whether the “real” fight will live up to the hype. Rather, if the fight will pick up the hype it deserves among the casual fans. Obviously, it won’t be the blockbuster that Mayweather-McGregor was, but if Canelo-GGG can become the first fight in over a decade that garners over a million PPV buys without the names Floyd Mayweather or Manny Pacquiao attached, it would go a long way for a sport that is finally moving into a new era.

Although most thought the Mayweather and Pacquiao dominated era ended when the two fighters finally met in 2015, Mayweather’s return for one last fight against McGregor proved that he still had a stranglehold on public interest. Meanwhile, Pacquiao’s fight with Jeff Horn raked in a monster 4.4 million viewers on ESPN. But it’s obvious that it is time for that torch to finally be passed to the next big thing and that should be the winner of Canelo-GGG.

It really all depends on how many people cough up the cash to watch the pay-per-view showdown between two of the best fighters in the sport. But we already know how big this fight is. Does the casual fan?
Canelo Alvarez will undoubtedly have the support of the Mexican community on his side and that is a very powerful force in the buyers market. However, his inability to speak English has slowed his infiltration into the mainstream. Meanwhile, Golovkin has become a unique force that has captured the interest of a handful of casual fans with his savage power. But he’s coming on very late in his career at the age of 35, which leaves him very little time to be a torchbearer for the sport if he manages to upend Canelo.
In many ways, the immediate future rests squarely on the shoulders of the 27-year-old Mexican. That’s not to downplay Golovkin and what he brings to the table, but there are already metrics established by Canelo that explain his immediate impact on the sport. Aside from his fight with Mayweather, Canelo has proven to be the biggest draw in the sport with his other PPV fights against Miguel Cotto and Julio Cesar Chavez Jr. hovering right around the million buy mark. Obviously, to extend his reach he would need to improve his English, but he’s held his own without it.

Canelo’s loss to Mayweather is forgivable considering that the product from Guadalajara was still wet behind the ears when it came to facing established opponents. But the experience and exposure he gained was simply undeniable. However, a loss to GGG would be very damaging to his mainstream appeal. Not only can he not suffer a loss, neither can his promoter, Oscar De La Hoya.

Simply put, there is a lot on the line for Canelo and Golden Boy heading into this fight.
As for GGG, while his boxing legacy is at risk, he’s playing with house money when it comes to establishing himself as a PPV attraction.
Although it often feels like everyone talks about Golovkin, he’s yet to establish himself as a mainstream star. His PPV numbers for his fights against David Lemieux (150k) and Daniel Jacobs (170k) were respectable but nowhere near the numbers his opponent on September 16th has put on the board. That can all change with a victory against Canelo.

GGG already has the boxing world buzzing and the talking heads sports networks have done a solid job of giving Golovkin the rub. Curiosity about Golovkin has piqued and there will be an opportunity to turn in a star making performance. Given GGG’s “Mexican style,” it’s highly likely that he can convert some new fans if he performs well against Canelo.

Perhaps the best thing that can happen is that the fight is a barnburner that begs for a rematch. A blowout victory for either fighter may do more harm than good when it comes to the future of the sport. But if Canelo and GGG becomes a scintillating brawl that remains competitive for as long as it lasts, it will leave the world begging for more. It’s very rare that a fight with so much hype behind it actually lives up to it. But this fight features two fighters with styles that rarely resulted in a boring fight.
Ultimately, Canelo-GGG needs to capture the imagination of casual fans now and leave an impression that demands their attention in the future. It’s rare that two fighters, who are at the top of their game and possess styles that are nothing short of exciting are in the ring together. The ingredients for an explosive fight are there. Hopefully, Mayweather-McGregor gave just enough of a nudge to casual fans to have them pay up to see the “real” fight between Canelo-GGG. And if those two can please the buyers and leave the talking heads with something to talk about the following Monday, it’s likely that boxing’s future will be in great hands.
Don’t let anybody tell you that it’s not a big deal, because it is. Canelo-GGG is the fight that everyone needs to watch and will go a long way when establishing boxing’s future with a mainstream audience.
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