Boxing Videos
Two good ones, at least on here.  Tyson Fury speaks, and two guys trading blows to the abs.
Anybody recommendations???? I tore a calf muscle playing football on Saturday and had to come home from work, doctor says no work or sport for two weeks! I like the lighter weights, light heavy down. Cheers.
The Benn vs McClellan fight documentary and the actual fight. Absolute must watch for any boxing fan, if you havent seen it or read about it, well its one of the most controversial/tragic nights in boxing history and the aftermath was pretty devastating
Gerald McClellan vs Julian Jackson
Jackson was the hardest puncher in the middleweight division ever so it was wartime when he met the heavy handed McClellan
trip down memory lane here
couldnt find a decent vid but heres some footage of Mark Bournevill vs Inga Tuigamala, I was there that night and it was brutal


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