Full Version: Jimmy Thunder R.I.P
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Jimmy was one of the first boxers I followed as a youngin. Shame his career ended up the way it did
Nice feature and some of his fights on TV1 this morning. Don't know what happened to him since he was homeless, and there was a big story written about him in the Herald years ago. Hope he came right and enjoyed life before his death. I remember Steve Kilgallon, who used to come on here, did a nice story about him.
Family has been trying to get him home since 2010, or before, from Vegas. It sounds like they succeeded several years later. Hopefully, he had a few good years left before he died.
Jimmy Thunder passes

Former heavyweight contender of the 1990s Jimmy Thunder has passed away in an Auckland, New Zealand hospital after recently undergoing brain surgery. He was just 54. Thunder was a regular on American television and scored wins over the likes of Trevor Berbick, Tony Tubbs and Tim Witherspoon. He never fought for a Big 4 heavyweight title, but did hold the IBO and WBF belts. A big puncher, Thunder compiled a record of 35-14, 28 KOs. RIP.
A talent, had some great fights and really did cut a path to Pro boxing for Kiwi and PI fighters.
Unfortunately mismanaged and health took a battering along the way