Full Version: Joshua vs Parker betting
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So if Ruiz hits harder than AJ, and Parker was never fazed, why was he cautious? Why did he not go for the KO against a guy with a "glass jaw?" Man, this for three belts! And then KB has the audacity to say that the fight plan was to brawl with a guy who is bigger and has a devastating KO record? Except that the ref wouldn't let him. Pleeezzzzzzzeee.
I thought AJ looked very cautious especially when JP went on attack only for the ref to jump in and stop them.
I believe AJ won but not as wide as scored - I have always liked AJ but getting tired of some antics like the loose tape giving him breaks - the refs controlling fights to suit him - he learnt from the best in Klit and can't blame him for doing it
People saying it was a boring fight. Casual boxing fans.

I enjoyed the fight, AJ knew what he needed to do to win the fight and executed the plan. JP couldn’t execute his plan and came out second best. That’s the sweet science.

All the other stuff is BS. The fight panned out how I thought it would.
It was a real chess match and was impressed with JP defense. I always knew Jo's defence was good and he handled himself well but I keep harping on about his offense, it was lacking. Not to take any credit away from AJ's defence because his footwork was on point. He read all of Parkers attacks and used nimble footwork to keep out of range, epic for a big man. I hope they open the doors to new trainers because the excuses thatvare coming out are just sneaky ways of not taking ownership.
Not much needs to change they just need new ideas and training methods to get JPs attack where it needs to be.
watch the replay guys..if this fight was held in USA it would be a draw. How could AJ won the first 4 rounds when both guys didn't do anything?????? am I blind??
I rewatched it last night
AJ best punches missed or hit gloves - I was really impressed with JP D
Yes to win the fight JP needed to do more but so did AJ
Oh really we are doing this?
Aj was easily the winner in my eyes. Better punches of the night and chased parker down with better footwork.
I had Aj by about 3 rounds. Plenty of tight rounds separated by a couple of punches. Not sure what the judges were watching...