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WBO Rankings- Feb 2016 (from wbo website)

HEAVYWEIGHT (Over 201 lbs) ( Over 91.17 kgs)
Title Name Country
1 Joseph Parker (Oriental) NZ
2 Anthony Joshua UK
3 Wladimir Klitschko (Sup. Champion) UKR
4 Alexander Povetkin RUS
5 Alexander Ustinov RUS
6 Carlos Takam CAM
7 Andy Ruiz USA
8 Michael Wallisch (WBO Europe) GER
9 Andrey Fedosov (Int-Cont.) USA
10 Edmund Gerber KAZ
11 Malik Scott USA
12 Dereck Chisora UK
13 Dereck Chisora NIG
14 Arthur Spilka POL
15 Tom Schwarz (WBO Youth) GER

Interesting to read that Ustinov has jumped up into the top 5 from nowhere in January. Charles Martin and Galzkov have been removed from their spots off the list. Dereck Chisora has a twin from Nigeria?, and Malik Scott joins the top 15.

The most interesting move is Ustinov. Why would the WBO jump him up so far from a non ranking last month???

Your thoughts?
Not sure where that's come from, he's not even fought anyone. With Ustinov fighting Ortiz in the WBA tournament you'd think that would take him off the WBO's radar completely?
I thought Ustinov v Ortiz was mandated but the deal never got made- according to WBA headlines he didn't respond in time, so the Ortiz fight was offered to Dimitrenko, then to Thompson...
No Izu, who was #15. Maybe Ustinov got moved up because he'll be fighting their #1 in April? Parker??? What happened to Dimitrenko fighting Ortiz?
The only explanation I can think of is rating agencies playing off against each other with respect to Parker:

* Duco under pressure to find a top fighter for Joe
* We've thought for over a year that Ustinov a possibility in 2016 (Ustinov is a known entity in NZ)
* Rating agencies all want the new, exciting contenders like AJ and JP to fight eliminators under their banner
* Ustinov preferred to fight Parker rather than Ortiz
* Duco presents Ustinov as a likely opponent to WBO, who reluctantly agree to add him to their rankings to save a JP/Ustinov fight being mandated by another agency (he's ranked in the others, but not WBO)

* Parker v Ustinov announced ("We promised it, here it is: JP fighting a "top 5" fighter")

....Watch this space???
Diehard- we both had the same thought it seems...
Diehard- Dimitrenko had a change of heart- thats why bout with Thompson was made..
Interesting interesting....I wonder if Stu has visited the Forum lately chuckling away at our combined speculations....
The way I understand it, can't find any links because I've taken bits of this from all over the place the last few weeks..

Ustinov turned down the Ortiz fight in April but agreed to a fight in Julyish, so in the meantime Ortiz was going to fight Dimitrenko.

Dimitrenko then asked for more money after it was signed, Ortiz agreed to the new asking price, then he pulled out anyway (scared).

TT then volunteered as did Fedesov (supposedly) and TT was chosen for Ortiz next fight.

Could be wrong..