Full Version: Heavyweight Division
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Unless he's still fighting Ibeabuchi?

I do like that much up though, Ruiz would beat Fedosov's ass IMO
Ruiz has been Parker's sparring partner on occasion in Vegas. Doubt they would fight. Plus, does Team Parker, ranked #3, take a chance on a #8?
Eddie Chambers makes more sense if JP's team is waiting on an eliminator possibility.

At least he has a "name" and will not look bad on the resume.

But who knows who it might be?

Yes id like to see JP in against Eddie Chambers.

Eddie has been complaining that noone wants to fight him......
Eddie Chambers does not fit the bill of a top ranked opponent, but I like it 100x more than Bergman and it could be a very tricky fight for Joe.
Fast Eddie Chambers is fast, and offers nothing. Big risk, no gain. Stu was talking about Parker fighting someone better than anyone he's fought to date, but not a top ten fighter. More like a top 25 fighter. Remember that Tupou and Minto were ranked in the top 15 when they fought Parker, so I'm guess someone better than them, but not as good as Takam or Fedesov. I wouldn't get impatient, as we probably have about a three week wait.
I'm sure Stu has said it will be a top 10 ranked fighter? and as you said he has already fought top 15 ranked guys before and this figther will be higher ranked/better
I know, but when he says it's a top 25 fighter, I'm thinking that a top ten guy goes out the window. I believe, judging by his facebook page, that he's negotiated with several fighters over the last month. None of it matters until an opponent puts pen to paper. Duco and Stu may have wanted a top ten fighter, but the heavyweight division is changing very fast. Just take a look at the WBA tourney above. Now the IBF is looking at a Takam vs AJ eliminator.