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(12-19-2015, 12:46 PM)diehard Wrote: [ -> ]I'm thinking that Martin and Glazkov are not champs, no matter who wins.  They've fought NOBODY, except Steve Cunningham (Glazkov), a blown-up cruiser.  I think he's even gone down to cruiser now.  Anyway, Martin or Glazkov would have been good fights for Parker even if they aren't fighting for a title.

Admittedly, fighting for a title, with all the hype, has it's challenges, but I'd have no problem putting him in there with anyone but Wilder at this stage in his career.  Mike Tyson won the title at 21 I think, but then again, that was Tyson.

Lol nice Diehard, i totally agree that we shouldnt refer to them as champs either way. Still if Parker beat them for the title im sure we would sing his champ title from the roof tops.

I am so optimistic regarding Parkers future, all the signs are there, power, speed, combos and great at cutting the ring off, even signs of being strong in the clinch. However i do hope his team consider his development and dont rush him into a career damaging fight, he could lose ie Wilder.

Im of the thought that one of the big advantages Joe had right now, is daily sparring/training time with Izuagbe Ugonoh.
...and Stiverne, who once had a title, and is now challenging for it again. To me, if he wasn't sparring well with Stiverne, KB wouldn't be so optimistic. And Izu is world class in my opinion. We'll soon see for sure when he steps it up in Poland in April.
Yes - world class sparring almost every day. Brilliant.

The IBF may be the easiest title to get for awhile. If he gets offered the fight, Parker should take it.

And yes - he looks to be a class act in every fight. That sparring must be helping a lot.

In looking at the IBF top ten, Teper is the only one that isn't active standing in front of Parker fighting for the title. So Teper vs Parker in an April eliminator, with the winner fighting the Martin vs Glazkov winner for a title defense.
Hard to know but do you think from Stu Duncans comment on the Parker thread hes basically told us Parker is fighting Takam?
"Joshua - I am confident i know who he is facing next - not so risky" Followed by
"Takam isnt scheduled to fight and is available"

He also said "Teper had to defend his IC title against Helenius & will be fighting him early in 2016" and this was after the cancellation from shoulder injury. But if Teper is getting surgery as the media have indicated, that seems a bit optimistic regarding recovery time
Well, they won't fight til April, if they fight. It's just that Teper is IBF#5 and Takam IBF#10. In all honesty, they were talking about an eliminator in July, not in April. To me, there's not much in it between Teper and Takam. My guess is that Stu will get the fighter who's willing to fight Parker, or the one that IBF says he needs to fight to get to the title holder.
I would say they must both be on the radar this year.

Fightoff for #2 and then fightoff for Mandatory spot, perhaps.

Sonny Bill Williams vs Danny Green at heavyweight? I can't really see how this would be a good fight
Please. This is the best Green can do?
Helenius defeats Rill to claim Euro belt
In a clash of uneaten heavyweights, undefeated Robert “The Nordic Nightmare” Helenius (22-0, 13 KOs) won a twelve round unanimous decision over Franz Rill (11-1, 7 KOs) on Saturday night at Hartwall Arena in Helsinki, Finland. Helenius dropped Rill in rounds one and four and mostly dominated, although Rill had some good moments also. Scores were 117-109, 117-109, 118-109. With the win, Helenius claimed the vacant EBU and IBF International heavyweight titles.