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Wilder will win. We all know he doesnt fight Anyone that he knows can beat him.

Bring on Povetkin!
Those Polak fans are wild. I hope there's heaps of them in Brooklyn, but I can't see Szpilka winning this. Too short, not enough power, KO'd by Jennings.
They would have had their Polish heavyweight champion by now if Golota had stopped punching Bowe in the balls.

You're right Bfan - Povetkin v Wilder is definitely one to look forward to next year.
That's a fight that could catch out a few of us on Nakifan's prediction page.
Next year looks good for the heavies - 2017 could be even better!
Once I get back on my pc I'll sort the prediction page out with this fight and predictions.
Chagaev-Browne confirmed for March 5

Unbeaten heavyweight Lucas “Big Daddy” Browne faces WBA “regular” heavyweight champion Ruslan Chagaev at the Akhmat Arena in Grozny, Chechnya on March 5. Australia has never had a world champion in the heavyweight division, but the 36-year-old from Sydney aims to change that by ripping the WBA crown away from the experienced Uzbek. Browne has been the mandatory challenger for the title since February, but has had to wait patiently for a shot due to Puerto Rico’s Fres Oquendo being granted a rematch with Chagaev. That return was scrapped in October when Oquendo suffered an injury.

“I’m absolutely delighted to announce that I’m fighting for the WBA title and I fully intend to become Australia’s first ever heavyweight world champion,” said Browne, 23-0 (20 KOs). “Make no mistake, I’m going over to Grozny to knock Ruslan Chagaev out. I’m not interested in leaving the fight in the hands of the judges so I’m going to bring my two judges with me, my left hand and my right hand.

“I’ve already started the process of turning my body into a machine and I’m going to destroy whatever is in front of me. Travelling overseas to fight doesn’t bother me in the slightest. I’ve done it many times in my career and at the end of the day it’ll be just me and Chagaev in the ring.

“I’ve got fans all over the world, but this is going to be one for the Australian fight fans. We have had a bad run with Aussie boxers overseas but I’m probably the only one that wins consistently away from home. I’m going to become our first heavyweight champion on March 5 and I can’t wait to have the support of our entire nation in my corner!

“I can’t thank Ricky Hatton and Hatton Promotions enough for getting me the opportunity. For one reason or another, this fight has been hard to make and I have to praise Ricky and his team for their hard work.”

Matt Clark, Browne’s manager, added: “This is a historic moment in Australian boxing. Lucas Browne joins Bill Squires, Bill Lang, Kali Meehan and Alex Leapai as the only Aussies to fight for the heavyweight title.

“We know the challenge ahead of us as Chagaev is a great fighter, but we feel he’s ready to be taken. We’ve been waiting patiently for this fight to materialise and it’s well worth the wait.

“It’s going to be an incredible atmosphere in Grozny and we are looking forward to putting on a great show and making Australian boxing history.”
Glazkov - Martin confirmed for 16th January, with Haymon winning the purse bid. On the same card as Wilder - Szpilka.

Martin was in camp to fight Brezeale, so has an advantage there.
Glazkov basically gets a 3 week camp - not unusual for opponents of Haymon's boxers.
They either don't rate Martin, or thought it was worth the risk for $800k.

I'm guessing Deontay Wilder to fight the winner, and use the unification loophole to dodge Povetkin
Why so soon? What's the hurry with Martin vs Glazkov? In saying that, I love it! Parker may be fighting for a title in July instead of an eliminator. The April fight has got to put him in position to do that. Top 5 in the WBO, no ranking in the IBF, and all of the sudden there's room for a title fight against the winner being a much easier opponent than Klit or Wilder. With Klit all but gone, even if he wins a rematch, it's his for the taking.

Great nite of boxing with the Wilder vs Szpilka fight.
Diehard - you are so right about the importance of the April fight now.

I'm sure Parker's team are VERY aware of this.

And yes - if miracles go our way - it is very possible Parker could get an actual title shot this year. Exciting times.

If I were the winner of the Martin vs Glazkov, I wouldn't fight Wilder next. Get a decent payday first. In saying that, it would be good if the WBC forces Wilder to face Povetkin after he dispatches Szpilka.
Wow, so soon.

Theres so many things to Martins advantage. There has definitely been a push by the IBF to reignite the heavy weight division in the US, with the recent all american eliminators over looking better and higher ranked internationals. No doubt 2 US fighters holding 2 belts and a possible reunification bout may stimulate interest. Is it bordering suspicious?

Im still cautious about pushing Parker into a title fight too soon, hes only 23 and needs alot more experience in my mind. Granted it is a great time to make an assault on the IBF with a relatively unproven champion to be crowned in Jan.
I'm thinking that Martin and Glazkov are not champs, no matter who wins.  They've fought NOBODY, except Steve Cunningham (Glazkov), a blown-up cruiser.  I think he's even gone down to cruiser now.  Anyway, Martin or Glazkov would have been good fights for Parker even if they aren't fighting for a title.

Admittedly, fighting for a title, with all the hype, has it's challenges, but I'd have no problem putting him in there with anyone but Wilder at this stage in his career.  Mike Tyson won the title at 21 I think, but then again, that was Tyson.