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IBF strips Tyson Fury, orders Glakov and Martin to fight for vacant belt
World heavyweight champion Tyson Fury was stripped of the IBF title on Tuesday for not making a mandatory defense against Czar Glazkov. Fury, who still holds the WBA and WBO titles, will instead face Wladimir Klitschko in a contractually obligated rematch.

The IBF has ordered Glazkov to face Charles Martin for the vacant belt. Martin actually already has a fight scheduled for Saturday against unbeaten Olympian Dominic Breazeale on NBC. A pullout is likely.
10 points for the person that can map on this thread, the way Joseph can go for the IBF belt.

Challenge laid down.....
I don't think he'll go for that belt. But, he'll fight some guy in July for the right to face the champ after the dust clears in the aftermath of the Fury vs Klit rematch.
I just get confused with all these different belts and organisations. It'll be better if it was like the rugby world cup, and every 4 years the top 64 fighters square off across 12 months to determine the world champ. 3 years of fighting for a top 64 position, and 1 year of bouts.
One good thing is that it gives Parker options.

But overall it seems very unhealthy for the sport.

It feels unsporting to strip the title from the guy as soon as he wins it. It's not like he has much choice about who he fought next.

I'm sure whoever wins the fight between Glazkov and Martin will spend their time trying to dodge serious contenders. Much like Deontay Wider is doing now
Which is why Parker must get himself into the Mandatory spot...
If anyone is interested there is a Bloke who has a Channel on Youtube called - Boxinggossip

He discusses all the upcoming fights giving his pre fight and post fight thoughts and a range of other things. Hes really really good. Im sure you will all enjoy his videos as much as i do. If you do manage to check him out let me know what you think!
But in the next 12 months it may even be possible that Parker is OFFERED a title shot - if he can get his name known in USA and Europe.

That is even better.

Wilder having another voluntary v Szpilka apparently... Jan 16