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Somewhat pointless return for Dereck Chisora against professional loser from Georgia - scheduled for 10 rounds but only needed 29 seconds -
Sounds like Klitschko has a pretty firm idea of who his successor is
Well Klit probably knows more than Diehard lol
Nah, we know the same, Sham. Me and Klit. Let's see AJ beat a top ten guy, then we'll talk. Wilder will get KO'd by Povetkin, so no need for KB to get his knickers in a twist about the WBC unless it's about avoiding Klit.
You're still in denial die, klit considers AJ the goods going forward and top of anything he's yet had to face...he said that, not a word about our boy who fights at home still.... I'm like you though, full of optimistic conjecture, I hope something magical transpires when they start fighting out of the US where lonergans and KBs rhetoric won't count against logical statistical performance. While Bowie is a step up, he doesn't equal anything too much of a measurement in technical status unless Jo looses to him or how long the fight endures...a decision result will not provide the needed catalyst at this point to project Jo into the future.
Oh Sham. Klit DID say the same thing about Parker. In SPARRING! But neither have fought a top ten guy. To me, AJ beating Kingpin is roughly the same as Parker beating Tupou, if he does. To me, it's wait and see with both of them. Not denial. But wait and see. Big difference between beating a guy outside the top 20 and someone inside the top 10. In saying that, one needs to be circumspect about the rankings in general.
28 August: Sherman Williams takes on Christian Hammer
Dillian Whyte smashes a very disinterested looking Costa Jr in 1. Looks like that last punch might have been a "skip punch" lol
I didn't get to see Quarries fight with Izzy, can anyone tell me how he was going before the ko...? Quarry has some skills, but was he out of his depth??