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Dont disagree, but got to take your hat off to Whyte. Dillian is gutsy and backs himself. He's done that a few times now- sees a weakness during a fight and calls out the guy stright away, if it helps his ranking/progression... I'm sure half the HW world was thinking the same thing during the Povetkin fight that now is the right time to take on Povetkin...
(04-03-2018, 06:03 PM)bart Wrote: [ -> ]Hearn protecting his prize piece AJ by throwing Dillian at him... was prepared to do same with Ortiz signed him so he wouldn't fight AJ. Great promoters business savvy.
He only wants J Miller next as he is slow and mediocre power and AJ will win and look good.

Exactly. I can see AJs team dropping a belt or 2 if Povetkin's mandatories get enforced and Eddie and Ryabinsky go to purse bid because lets be honest Ryabinsky will win if if it goes that far and Eddie will not take Joshua to Russia.

If it isn't Wilder next, then hopefully it's Povetkin, not Miller or Jennings.
I think AJ can possibly take a voluntary next so won't be Povetkin I think they have been planning on Miller for sometime.
AJ will be keen on the Povetkin fight happening in the UK, very sellable fight at the moment with the Price KO, and Russia not being that popular. Very sellable, very winnable.

But like African Monkey says, I doubt AJ will go to Russia
(04-04-2018, 10:24 AM)mippy Wrote: [ -> ]AJ will be keen on the Povetkin fight happening in the UK, very sellable fight at the moment with the Price KO, and Russia not being that popular. Very sellable, very winnable.

But like African Monkey says, I doubt AJ will go to Russia

Very winnable but Povetkin will cause AJ some problems. 
I def think povetkin cause some problems - much like takam but with more power.
Povetkin hand speed not up with Parker though and I expect it to go later rounds but with AJ getting a TKO
AJ and hearn would not allow fight in Russia
Funny that DWilder was willing to go
I didn't realise this. Guess you can cross these two off Joe's list:

Jarrell Miller vs. Johann Duhaupas
(WBA heavyweight eliminator)
And in other news....

WBA orders Joshua-Povetkin

The World Boxing Association (WBA) Championships Committee ordered the start of negotiations between WBA heavyweight super champion Anthony Joshua and WBA intercontinental champion Alexander Povetkin to agree on a fight for the body’s belt at more than 200 pounds.

Povetkin won the right to be Joshua’s official challenger in December last year, when in an elimination fight he beat Christian Hammer by unanimous decision. In addition, he comes from beating David Price by knockout. Moreover, the fact that he has already been world champion of the division and won a gold medal in the 2004 Athens Olympic Games, endorse the decision based on article 18 of the WBA rules.

The WBA Championships Committee took into account that Joshua is a unified champion, who also holds the IBF, WBO and IBO titles. However, according to the rotation agreement, he must fulfill his mandatory commitments with the WBA.

The resolution was delivered to the parties on April 5th and they have 30 days, as of that date, to reach an agreement. Otherwise, the fight will be called to a purse bid.
Deontay Wilder offered take-it-or-leave-it sum of £8.8 million for Anthony Joshua fight; will respond “in 48 hours”
James Slater - April 11, 2018

Depending on which side you care to listen to, Deontay Wilder has, this week, been extended either a third fight offer from Anthony Joshua and his team regarding a massive heavyweight title fight unification, or he has received his first fight offer from AJ and his people. What we now know for certain is this: Wilder, the reigning and unbeaten WBC heavyweight champion, has been given a take-it-or-leave-it offer of £8.8 million to fight Joshua, the reigning and unbeaten WBA/IBF/WBO heavyweight champ.

Shelly Finkel, in speaking with The Telegraph, said that the contract, the first one he has been sent by Eddie Hearn/Joshua, contains within it, a “flat fee with no place, date or venue, nor even whether it was the next fight.”

“It was a take-it-or-leave-it offer,” Finkel told The Telegraph. “We will respond appropriately in the next day or so with our counter offer. If Joshua is serious, we will take the fight. Deontay doesn’t want to fight anyone else.”

There is apparently a rematch clause also attached, and the theory is the two will fight (if the deal is in fact accepted by Wilder and his people) at a yet to be disclosed venue somewhere in the UK and then, whether Joshua wins or loses, they will box a return at a venue in the US.

£8.8 million is of course a whole lot of money, easily over treble more than Wilder has ever got for any other single fight of his entire pro career. Still, with mega-money like an estimated £75 million likely to be generated by the unification fight, maybe Wilder and his team will ask for considerably more than £8.8 million.

We will have to wait and see what Wilder does and what his “counter offer” may consist of. In the cold light of day, however, fight fans do not care too much, if at all, about the ins and outs of a fight contract – they simply want to see the best fight the best. Let’s hope this fight gets made.