Full Version: Heavyweight Division
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Whyte needs to be in the mix against the elite. Helenius was a good opponent, just didn't come to fight. I think Whyte should face the Bellew/Haye winner. Or even Oquendo/Ustinov. To me, he's top 5.

All the champs, Parker, AJ, Wilder, need to face their mandatories while trying to set up a unification afterwards. Parker and AJ just finished their mandatory, as does Wilder with Stiverne. Now set those three up with each other.
Povetkin vs Hammer looks like its done and is up on Boxrec for the 15 DEC in Russia. WBO belts are on the line, is this Parkers next mandatory? Maybe he should take whatevers on offer while he has the chance? Even though Povetkin is 38 now I still rate him as the most dangerous in the division.
If Parker is to fight Povetkin in Russia, he needs to demand VADA testing for the fight. Povetkin on drugs is a freaking monster.
If the WBO won't enforce VADA testing, Parker should drop the belt.
(10-31-2017, 08:58 AM)NakiFan Wrote: [ -> ]You mean HE is choosing not to look at unifying. Hearn is issuing ultimatums for Wilder to go thru Whyte to face AJ...and Hearn is low balling Duco at 20%.

You crack me up Craig...really are turning into a troll of this forum.

And this has made me giggle, you of all people calling me a troll :-) 
The nonsense you post.
(11-01-2017, 10:41 AM)diehard Wrote: [ -> ]AJ/vs Fury?

He deserves a big payday, that's all it will be though.
Fury probably will never be back to his best, but it'd be an intriguing fight if he was. I'd expect AJ to walk through and KO him though
Prime Tyson Fury beats everyone in the division, bar none.
Problem being can u go from obese and inactive over 2 years to a prime heavy weight athlete???
A big puncher maybe but Furey isn't that he is a mover strategist