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(06-14-2015, 05:42 PM)diehard Wrote: [ -> ]Tried to find it via live streaming.  Yep, Wilder can be wild with his punches.  Be interested to see who he fights next. usally has a good boxing stream Die

He said he was happy to fight his mandatory (Povetkin) when asked about it, but Haymon might have different ideas
thanks gothe. Next time I'll try it. I see a rejuvenated Povetkin KO'ing him. Which leads to Klit vs Povetkin II, with a good ref who won't let Klit hold on for dear life.
On that evidence Povetkin will murder Wilder, but there's no doubt Wilder has a heavy punch.
Ref took 1 pt off Kilt against Jennings, but he'll never be DQ'd, so is likely to keep getting away with it.
Doesn't need to be DQ'd as much as the ref just stopping his doing it.  With Jennings, the ref just didn't allow it to happen.  I actually thought it wasn't too bad, something I thought I'd never say about Klit.  With Povetkin, I thought that Klit thought he was Dancing With the Stars.
(06-17-2015, 05:54 PM)cranky Wrote: [ -> ]Chisora Ustinov signed:
Risky fight for Chisora who looked terrible against a similar sized Fury. Some kind of Anthony Joshua eliminator?
Molina and Browne calling each other out on twitter. Both fighters seem keen, but again it comes down to Hatton. Browne seems pretty pissed off with his inactivity
Anthony Joshua vs Marius Wach 12th September
Good fight for Joshua against big opponent with a good chin
Good win if he can pull it off. A big step up for Joshua, just highlights the confidence he and his handlers have.