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(06-04-2015, 09:27 PM)diehard Wrote: [ -> ]True Sham.  Parker is not there.  May never be there.  But those are the guys he needs to go thru to get to the title.  BTW, saw KB on TV3 tonite.  Said Parker was a 6 out of 10.  Doesn't sound like hype to me.  Said he had a long way to go.
KB said Parker was a "work in progress," that everyone wants him to be an 8 out of 10, but he's only a 6. Said that if he keeps winning, a title shot goal is two years away.
Yep "about 2 years away" is what KB said... and that's Kevin being positive!!

If he gets a shot, another words if he keeps winning and fighting the hand picked (tomato cans fighting for peanuts) opponents that Duco are putting in front of him, then it will be 2018 before Parker gets a shot.
True that, Dannyboy. I wouldn't call Williams and Minto tomato cans, or even Pettaway or Saglam for that matter. They are in relation to Parker's skill and development so far. We don't wanta put him in there with a top 20 guy yet. BUT, you're point is well taken. At some point (and KB promised us at the end of the year) Team Parker will need to pull the trigger and fight a top ten guy, if only for the PPV $$$ and the rankings. If he doesn't step up, by 2016, his star will fade, the money will wash up, and his ranking will fall.

BTW, how much do you think his opponents are getting? You mentioned fighting for peanuts. Bet Minto got close to $100,000 plus expenses.
I don't believe Minto got any where near 100K, I don't believe Duco are paying any where near that figure as yet? And you're correct, Minto and a couple of others aren't tomato cans.

I'll ask this question again though.... What do you think would happen if (and we hope it doesn't) Joseph gets KO'd badly? Do you think Duco will continue on the quest of a HW Title fight? Or for that matter, do you think Duco will continue in promoting boxing?
Well, if the question is directed towards me, I'll answer the question again. If Parker loses badly, and it was possible with Minto, Williams, and even Saglam if he connects Saturday nite: Well, if he loses badly, or gets KO'd, Duco tries to get Cameron out of retirement for big money. Or Sonny Bill. Or Leapai. Can't go worldwide anymore, only local. Like Berridge, Parker would need to build up his reputation again before taking on anyone in the top 20. Of course, he hasn't fought anyone in the top 20 yet. It would go from fighting ranked fighters to fighters that would bring in $$$.
I think Duco will implode on the boxing scene if Parker loses badly... I don't believe they have a good reputation in Boxing NZ, and it will only get worse unless they invest in local talent.
"Fres Oquendo will get to face the winner of Chagaev vs. Pianeta within 120 days in a WBA title bout to take place in Germany. The WBA has informed the parties that it will approve the settlement and issue a resolution implementing these conditions."

I guess Lucas Browne has to wait or fight another tomato can....
Doubt whether he'd want to risk his "title" shot. Wonder if he'll ever get it though.
5 fights in 2013, 4 in 2014, none yet lined up for 2015
I'd love to see Browne go up against Arreola.

I'd probably bet on Arreola, would be a cracker fight though