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(08-01-2016, 05:56 PM)Steven Wrote: [ -> ]
(07-31-2016, 10:55 PM)mippy Wrote: [ -> ]Whyte strikes me as a lazy trainer which doesn't bode well for a guy at the start of his professional career

I didn't see the fight so don't know what condition he was in, but Whyte doesn't have the financial backing that AJ and Parker have. For the 'big' fight with AJ he got 8 weeks off work to train, maybe he isn't lazy, just didn't have as much leeway for this fight. Just speculating.

Yeah fair call.  
Ortiz-Ustinov collapses
The WBA-mandated fight between WBA interim heavyweight champion Luis Ortiz (25-0, 22 KOs) and Alexander Ustinov (33-1, 24 KOs) planned for the Canelo-Smith undercard on September 17 in Dallas is apparently off. “We are extremely disappointed to hear that despite agreeing terms, signing a contract and announcing a date for the WBA Interim Heavyweight Championship that Luis Ortiz is refusing to honor the agreement to fight on the 17th September and has withdrawn,” said Ustinov’s promoter Vlad Hrunov. “Golden Boy Promotions have acted with integrity and in good faith and I hear that Ortiz is now negotiating a termination of his contract with Golden Boy.”
Parker vs Ustinov would be a good fight after Dimitrenko.
This turns everything on it's head, as Ortiz is often referred to as the one everyone in the division doesn't want to fight.

WBA Tournament (so far)

Mini tourn announced with the crazy idea that the winner of Wlad/Fury 2 have to qualify for the final against the Browne vs Chagaev and then Fres fight.

Browne upsets Chagaev before getting water spiked (Yes, even though he is an Aussie Boofhead I reckon he was spiked).

Chagaev gets his belt taken off him as the now retires, and doesn't answer his phone.

Ortiz and Ustinov gets pushed back, and now Ortiz is not signing a contract.

David Haye gets ranked in the WBA for beating up Mr Potato Head and his brother Sam Spud. <--Watch this dude slime his way into the "tournament".

Wlad/Fury 2 being held up over firstly the venue, then Fury's ankle (which was eggplant purple and would need a few months to heal...which is about right for a really bad sprain).

Fres Oquendo who was relevant in the division a decade ago is sitting on his but watching this debarkle unfold.

Has anyone from the WBA with any testicles come out yet and spoken about this situation? If I was part of the team putting this mini tournament together I would be bloody embarrassed.
Just watch. Haye will likely fight Oquendo for the Mandatory spot.

Poor old Briggs.
Could happen, Kiwi. I'd like to know the inside story on why Ortiz isn't fighting. Probably $$$.

Shame with Ortiz but seems to happen to all Cubans when they get to a first world country and get a bit of cash in their pockets the career goes out the window
(08-03-2016, 04:45 PM)Kiwi Wrote: [ -> ]Just watch. Haye will likely fight Oquendo for the Mandatory spot.

Poor old Briggs.

Poor old Briggs? I hope that's tongue in cheek. I'll reserve judgement on Briggs and title shots until he fights someone ranked in the top 200.
Isn't he fighting Haye next up?

I feel sorry for him cause Haye will smash him