Full Version: Heavyweight Division
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Wow. Really expected more out of Helenius even with the bad fights he has had. Every straight punch in that video landed flush. His nose must be broken, had his mouth open for all of those shots too.

And Adamek. I have enjoyed the guys fights. Thought he picked a good time to call it quits though. Don't know what spurred his second run, but hope he is all good.

NakiFan - Cheers for the video. Looks like Adamek was in good condition, not as quick as he once was. He beat a prime/peaking Chris Arreola, and his fight with Travis Walker is a cool one too, coming back from a much bigger shot than this and winning.
Thanks for those videos Nakifan
Full props, NakiFan. End of an era as both Adamek and Helenius were contenders at one point.
I missed the Helenius fight, but saw all but the 1st round in the Adamek fight. The Molina/Adamek fight could have gone either way, but looking back I couldn't help but think that Molina was always looking for that counter KO.

I just can't help thinking that Parker would seriously damage these guys. The fitness of Parker would be relentless if they manage to stay upright until the later rounds. They all were just so open, relying on walking into punches to allow them a bit of a gap to attack.
My top 15
If anyone is not subscribed to IFL TV on YouTube you need to be!
Why, what's the deal???
Easily the best UK boxing channel on youtube (could be the best anywhere tbf), they do some great interviews
Do you have to pay for it? How do you order it?

No cost, they just post heaps of video's not a real channel