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I think this new site looks great and should work better. And you'll get status rewards for posting--so get going. Just a few rules as usual:

If you want to post on the forum, you will need to register first. Go to "Register" and enter your email, screen name, and password. Once you're logged in you can go to your Profile to enter signatures and upload avatar pictures. Please email me at if you have problems.

And remember, all members are expected to refrain from racial, personal, or offensive comments. If Diehard perceives your post to be inappropriate, he will delete it. A series of problem posts leads to a one week suspension, further offenses lead to a month's suspension, and if they are continued, you will be banned from the site.
status points? Great!

Can i have a gold star????

or perhaps a few more than two? Wink
Thanks to you Mr and Mrs Diehard, this site looks awesome, appreciate the fact you's do this out of your own pockets when u don't have too.
is that the deal? ok- sorry--- hoorah Diehards... thanks fom me also
What a great interest you have, congratulations Mr and Mrs Diehard
Great website Mr & Mrs Diehard.
Glad everything is up and running smoothly again.
O for owesome...
Anyway, welcome to Cosmic Drop Osem...
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